• Careful and professional support for the identification of the sell-in possibilities of the products and constantly monitor the sell-out of the same.
  • Definition of commercial agreements, assortments and promotional plans with the Purchasing Departments and the Reference Category.
  • Careful and constant revaluation of the agreed assortments.
  • Timely verification of price positioning, rotations and reorders.


Thanks to our decades of uninterrupted presence in all the channels of the modern market, we know how to interpret it in all its aspects of innovation and evolution.

For the industry our ability to interpret the needs of our customers and our already marked level of introduction in the market allow us to provide a valid support in the bargaining and conclusion of the trade agreements.

For the italian and european retail, we know how to establish with the buyers a targeted and professional collaboration in the selection of the most suitable suppliers for their needs.


Our business consulting activity is completed with assistance to the product directly in the branch both on the shelf and in the promo area.

Only in this way can we guarantee the correct development of what has been agreed with the customer.